Please note that registration for this event is now closed. All registrations are final.

Cancellations after July 4, 2015 will incur a penalty.


Welcome to the registration page for the Richards Family Reunion 2015!

The Family Reunion takes place at the Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club in Brewster, MA from Monday, August 3 through Friday, August 7, 2015.

You may register by clicking the Register Now button at the bottom of the page.

Registration includes your room nights (if you choose to stay at Ocean Edge), breakfast and dinner each day, reunion materials and two included activities: a scavenger hunt and a beach bonfire!

An alternative to rooming at Ocean Edge is camping at nearby Nickerson State Park. The campgrounds are lovely and the facilities are clean and inviting. All those who choose the camping option (or other local housing), may register without a room and join the others at Ocean Edge for meals and activities. See additional camping information below*.

If you choose to stay at the Ocean Edge Resort, we have reserved several one-bedroom suites in the Arbor Villas. The Arbor Villa one-bedroom suite is $346 / night ($285 + $25 resort fee + 11.7% taxes) and can accommodate up to 4 adults. The total room charges for the week are $1385 and can be divided between a maximum of 4 people per room.

Adult registration as the Primary Occupant of the room, includes the room charge, plus one adult’s meals, reunion materials, service fees and included activities. There must be ONE Adult who is the Primary Occupant of the room.

Each additional occupant in the room must also be registered. The Adult or Child registration that does not include the room charge, does include meals, reunion materials, service fees and included activities.

One adult may register first as the primary occupant and then add additional adults who wish to room together. Or you may register separately, as long as there is one primary adult already registered. Please do not register without having a Primary Adult occupant for your room, or you will not have a room. If you would like to make arrangements for sharing the room charges, please do so between yourselves.

Family reunion meals include breakfast and dinner each day. Lunch is on your own.

Adult and child registrations differ in that a child cannot be the primary occupant of the room and they will get children’s meals (includes kid-friendly food, like chicken nuggets or mac n cheese). Children under 12 must order from the children’s menu. Children over age 12 should be registered as adults.

For each person, please indicate under “Other Info” whether you may need assistance (i.e. have a physical handicap or require an ADA accessible room), whether you have a food allergy, whether you will choose alternative rooming arrangements (such as camping or local housing) and with whom you will be rooming.

You do NOT need to register directly with the hotel. If you register here, you will be added to our group reservation list. If you register directly with the hotel, you may not be included in our group list and may not receive our group rate.

You may come back to the registration page any time you like to update your selections and make additional deposits. Remember the email address you used to log in and your password!

You may divide your payments into as many transactions as you like. We suggest dividing your payments into 3 deposits, due May 31 2014, October 31 2014 and May 31 2015. The minimum deposit you can make is $100.

Please make your deposits by the dates indicated above to ensure a place at the reunion!

*[Nickerson State Park is approximately $50/campsite and all camping arrangements or other alternative housing arrangements must be made on your own. Be sure to indicate to the reunion organizers that you plan to camp by selecting the Nickerson State Park camping option under “Other Info”. If you choose to camp, please register as either an Adult or Child to cover meals and the reunion fee. Campers will not register a Primary Adult. Nickerson reservations open just 6 months in advance of the season and we recommend that campers reserve a campsite as soon as registration opens because the campground fills fast.]